Animal Defenders International

Animal Defenders International

8 Episodes

Animal Defenders International (ADI) was founded in 1990. With offices in Los Angeles, London, and Bogota, ADI educates and campaigns across the globe on animals in entertainment and other industries. We create public awareness of animal suffering and combine this with scientific and economic research. We provide technical briefings to legislators and governments. ADI has a worldwide reputation for providing video and photographic evidence exposing the behind-the-scenes suffering in industry and supporting this evidence with scientific research. ADI rescues animals all over the world and educates the public on animals and environmental issues. ADI in the UK is a registered non-profit membership guarantee company. ADI in the United States is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

ADI takes a unique holistic, self-sufficient approach to achieve long-term protection for animals. We work at all levels, from start to finish of a campaign - from investigations and gathering empirical evidence to scientific and economic research, publication of technical reports, through to public education and assisting with law enforcement and legal protection for animals.

We use our own photographs, video, and research, and produce publications in-house. Our total production approach saves money and increases our outreach.

Two different campaigns exemplify this approach:

Our Stop Circus Suffering campaign in South America, which led to the historic ban on animal circuses in Bolivia, and saw us go from investigation to public education, legislative briefings resulted in a national animal circus ban, then moving to rescue animals freed by the ban.

Save the Primates, our biggest campaign of recent years about the new EU regulations on animals experiments. Working in multiple languages we produced scientific research and briefings on advanced non-animal research techniques. We finished the year with a rescue of laboratory monkeys that tied several of the core issues together.

Mission statement

ADI (founded 1990): To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals; wherever possible, to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and their environment.

Animal Defenders International

    Episode 1

    More action-adventure than traditional documentary, Lion Ark follows the world's most ambitious and daring animal rescue, with a narrative compiled from film, interviews, conversations, and the real-time reactions of rescuers as events unfold – this is up close and personal.

    A shocking undercov...

  • 5 Lions and 12 Tigers Rescued

    Episode 2

    5 lions and 12 tigers rescued from Guatemala circuses make their great escape to freedom at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

    Following an 18-month operation to help enforce Guatemala’s ban on animal circuses, officials warned ADI to leave the country by 21 January, or risk losing them...

  • Love Reunited

    Episode 3

    Lions, Leo, and Muñeca, torn apart by the circus, rescued hundreds of miles apart in Peru and reunited in Africa. Now roaming acres at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa where Leo still watches over his Muñeca.

  • Love Conquers All

    Episode 4

    Two brave lions, Tarzan and Tanya, their devotion to each other and their journey to freedom from a circus in Guatemala to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

  • Eat, Play & Love

    Episode 5

    Tigers Sasha and Kumal were born in a miserable circus cage in Guatemala – no space, no comfort, no fun. They were rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and Sasha and Kumal began to play. A happy ending and a reminder that whenever animals like tigers and lions are caged and confined,...

  • Return to the Forest

    Episode 6

    Saved from a circus in Peru by Animal Defenders International, see the heart-warming story of spider monkey Maruja’s journey back to the forest, from where she had been stolen. Initially failing to show she could return to the wild because of damaged caused by the circus, Maruja adopted rescued ...

  • Lions VS Tigers Kickoff

    Episode 7

    Our ex-circus rescued lions and tigers are curious, love exploring, new experiences; engaging their intelligence and senses is vital to their wellbeing. These cats feel joy, pleasure, pain and fear and fun is important. They have large, natural habitats to run, lie in the sun (or soak in the pool...

  • Mother's Pride

    Episode 8

    A pride of lions enjoying a lazy day at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary