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Big Cat Rescue

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Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s most influential sanctuaries for exotic cats, is a leading advocate for ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction. We are the most hated, feared, and lied about by circuses, backyard breeders, roadside zoos, cub petting pimps, and pseudo-sanctuaries because we are the most effective at ending the abuse of big cats. We wear that as a badge of honor.

We are home to lions, tigers, bobcats, servals, caracals, jaguar,s and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

• The sanctuary began rescuing exotic cats in Nov. 4, 1992.
• The non-profit 501 c 3 sanctuary is home to many exotic big cats
• The cats at Big Cat Rescue are here for a variety of reasons, including:
• Abandoned by owners who wrongly thought they would make good pets
• Abused by owners in order to force them to perform
• Retired from performing acts
• Saved from being slaughtered to make fur coats
• Rescued as babies after hunters killed their mothers. See our Bobcat Rehab and Release work

The non-profit organization is:

• Accredited by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries
• Certified by Independent Charities of America as a “Best in America Charity”
• Member of the Species Survival Network
• Rated 4 Stars by Charity Navigator (their highest rating) and has one of the highest scores of any animal-based charity
• Part of a global coalition including HSUS, IFAW, WWF, GFAS, Born Free, and other animal protection groups that are working together to end big cat abuse.
• The sanctuary is situated on 67 acres in the Citrus Park area of north Tampa.

Big Cat Rescue
  • Big Cat Rescuers Are The BEST

    Episode 1

    April 18-24 we celebrated National Volunteer Week, and we love to show our support to all of our big cat rescuers for their hard work and dedication to the big cats!

  • Cat VS Toilet Paper

    Episode 2

    Mouser is a 17 year old Savannah cat. He does not do well in cold temperatures, so during our cold month here in Florida, he was brought inside. That is when we learned about some of his naughty behaviors, like shredding toilet paper.

  • Cutest Big Cat Sound

    Episode 3

    Turn up the volume and listen to the cutest big cat vocalization. The caracal trill is the BEST!

  • Ash-Cinder

    Episode 4

    Cinder was dropped off at an SPCA shelter, and Ash was turned into a bird rehabber. Both of these bobcats kittens were rescued from the middle of the road. We took them into our rehab program in hopes to raise and release them into the wild together.
    Watch them live by visiting!

  • It's Tiger Day

    Episode 5

    Big Cat Rescue is supporting the Freeland Foundation in their efforts to save tigers in the wild. Learn more about what they are doing and ways you can help!

  • Lion Reunites With His White Tiger

    Episode 6

    Zabu the white tiger reunites with Cameron the lion over the Rainbow Bridge. Although she was in end stage kidney failure, we know she was really suffering from a broken heart despite all of our efforts to support her during her time of loss. This iconic famous couple will remain in the hearts of...

  • Purr-fect Valentine's

    Episode 7

    Share the love with our big cats as they celebrate another Purr-fect Valentine's Day!

  • Nom Nom Nom Savannah Cat

    Episode 8

    Everyone loves a "Nom Nom Nom" cat, and who does it better than Simba the Savannah cat?!

  • Summer Fun With BIG Cats

    Episode 9

    Check out all of the summer fun the big cats are having with these summer themed enrichment items!

  • Tiger Play

    Episode 10

    Andre is a 23 year old tiger. Although he is double the age that a wild tiger would live, he still knows how to have fun!!

  • Tiger Talk

    Episode 11

    Tigers make a variety of different sounds. Find out what the science is behind the vocalization of chuffing.

  • Tiger VS Box

    Episode 12

    We already know cats and most of our big cats like boxes, but what do Priya and Andre think about them?

  • Welcome Our Newest Serval

    Episode 13

    Meet Illithia, Big Cat Rescue's newest serval resident. She was kept as a pet, but commonly these situations do not work out long term. Check out her story.

  • White Tiger On The Move

    Episode 14

    Zabu the white tiger moves into a new enclosure. Now she has two acres of space to explore. Check it out!

  • White Tiger Has A Ball

    Episode 15

    Sapphire the white tiger loves the big red ball in her enclosure. She is one silly tiger!

  • A Bobcat And His Castle

    Episode 16

    Thank you to Cat Man Chris and Cole and Marmalade for donating this super fun castle for our baby bobcat Flint to play in. Check out the cuteness overload!

  • Big Cats + Watermelons = Summer FUN

    Episode 17

    Join in on the summer fun as the big cats get watermelons for their seasonal enrichment!

  • Big Cats + Turkeys = Bone Crunching

    Episode 18

    Watch and listen to a variety of our big cats eating their Thanksgiving holidays turkeys and Cornish hens. Make sure to turn up the volume!

  • Circus Tiger's Story To A Happier Life

    Episode 19

    Max the tiger was rescued with Kimba and Simba from the Guatemala circus. But something was wrong with Max that set him aside from the other two. Watch his story and see the progress he has made!

  • Enriching Big Cats

    Episode 20

    Enrichment is the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something. For Big Cat Rescue, it is improving the quality of life for our big cats. There are several ways to enrich our big cats, but sometimes it is as easy as giving hay to some of our servals.

  • Hangry Lion and Tigers

    Episode 21

    In many of our videos the big cats come of to be sweet, but wait until they are introduced to food. This is one of those times they like to show their wild side!

  • Do Big Cats Like Fresh Oregano

    Episode 22

    As you know we give our big cats a variety of herbs and spices in their enrichment items. We tried them with fresh oregano, and you have to see their reactions!

  • Hangry Serval

    Episode 23

    Hutch the serval is a very chatty guy, especially when it is breakfast time!

  • Lion Gets A Birthday Treat

    Episode 24