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Big Cat Rescue

4 Seasons

Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s most influential sanctuaries for exotic cats, is a leading advocate for ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction. We are the most hated, feared, and lied about by circuses, backyard breeders, roadside zoos, cub petting pimps, and pseudo-sanctuaries because we are the most effective at ending the abuse of big cats. We wear that as a badge of honor.

We are home to lions, tigers, bobcats, servals, caracals, jaguar,s and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

• The sanctuary began rescuing exotic cats in Nov. 4, 1992.
• The non-profit 501 c 3 sanctuary is home to many exotic big cats
• The cats at Big Cat Rescue are here for a variety of reasons, including:
• Abandoned by owners who wrongly thought they would make good pets
• Abused by owners in order to force them to perform
• Retired from performing acts
• Saved from being slaughtered to make fur coats
• Rescued as babies after hunters killed their mothers. See our Bobcat Rehab and Release work

The non-profit organization is:

• Accredited by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries
• Certified by Independent Charities of America as a “Best in America Charity”
• Member of the Species Survival Network
• Rated 4 Stars by Charity Navigator (their highest rating) and has one of the highest scores of any animal-based charity
• Part of a global coalition including HSUS, IFAW, WWF, GFAS, Born Free, and other animal protection groups that are working together to end big cat abuse.
• The sanctuary is situated on 67 acres in the Citrus Park area of north Tampa.

Big Cat Rescue
  • Big Cat Rescue PSA

    Episode 1

    Big Cat Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to the care of exotic cats. We provide a permanent home for unwanted wildcats and we educate the public in order to eliminate the causes of abandonment and abuse. The images of exploitation and horrid conditions in the video above were filme...

  • Can We Save the Tiger?

    Episode 2

    Tigers are endangered… The wild tiger population has dropped 97% over the last hundred years, with only a few thousand remaining in the wild we must act immediately to save this incredible species.

    How can YOU help save the tiger?

    Please help support the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Ac...

  • Cub Abuse Undercover

    Episode 3

    HSUS went undercover and found many cases of cubs being abused for cub petting.

  • Circus Life..."Captive" Entertainment

    Episode 4

    Circus Life...Step Right up to the Greatest Show of Exploitation on Earth!

    USDA only requires that a cage for a wild animal be large enough that the animal be able to stand and turn around in the cage.

    They allow even smaller enclosures for the purpose of travel....

    Big Cats can be confined to...

  • ACTION ALERT: Backyard Tigers

    Episode 5

    The cute tiger cubs you see at fairs, malls and parking lots will spend their entire lives in tiny cages or will be killed for their body parts to use in traditional asian medicine. It is estimated that there are 10,000 to 20,000 big cats currently held in private ownership in the U.S., although ...

  • 6 Exotic Cats Rescued in Kansas

    Episode 6

    Nine exotic cats and two other wild animals were confiscated from a dilapidated Atchison, Kansas, property yesterday after authorities discovered that the animals had been abandoned in their enclosures without access to food or clean water. The Atchison County Sheriff's Office seized one tiger, t...

  • CUTE TIGER CUBS - Robbed from the Cradle

    Episode 7

    Baby animals always draw a crowd! Tiger and lion cubs are often exhibited in malls and parking lots by people who breed and exploit these animals to make money...

    The cubs are torn from their mothers soon after birth and are used as photo props and in petting booths for the paying public. Please...

  • Reason To Avoid The Circus And Visit Big Cat Rescue

    Episode 8

    Here are ten reasons to avoid the circus and visit a local sanctuary like Big Cat Rescue. Sign the pledge to be circus free by visiting

  • Doug Terranova Circus

    Episode 9

    This is Doug Terranova, who in our opinion is an exploiter and abuser of tigers. He operates a small traveling circus act with tigers that appears at fairs.

    To get to these venues the tigers are transported for hours on end in cramped quarters in the trailer pictured here.

    Their movement is lim...

  • 3 Tigers Rescued from NY “Sanctuary”

    Episode 10

    Big Cat Rescue saved 3 starving tigers from a New York “sanctuary” after they lost their USDA license and the animals were confiscated by the Sheriff’s Department… There are an estimated 10,000 - 20,000 privately owned big cats in the USA, cubs bred to be used as photo props and then sold as “pet...

  • Missing Tigers

    Episode 11

    It is estimated that there are 10,000 to 20,000 big cats currently held in private ownership in the U.S., although the exact number remains a mystery. Since 1990, U.S. incidents involving captive big cats—including tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs and lion/tiger hybrids—have re...

  • Pet FREAKIN’ Tigers

    Episode 12

    Did you know it’s legal to own tigers and lions in over half of the USA? … These cats are born into a life of misery and many of them end up in the black market where they are killed for their body parts!

    Please help us stop this abuse by visiting:


  • Tiger Cubs To Go

    Episode 13

    Tiger Cubs To Go... Help us stop the abuse of big cat cubs!

    The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act has been reintroduced as HR 1998. Please ask your member of Congress to sign on as a Co Sponsor so that th...

  • Tony the Truck Stop Tiger: UPDATE

    Episode 14

    UPDATE: Tony is still "living" at the tiger truck stop in Louisiana, it's very important that we the public keep the pressure on the government agency which decides the fate of Tony.

    Keep up to date with Tony's situation here:

  • Tigers And Their Cubs Are Suffering

    Episode 15

    Please help us end the abuse and suffering of big cats in captivity.

    You can help by testing "Cats" to 52886 are telling your local legislators to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

  • What You May Not Know About Cub Petting is Killing Them

    Episode 16

    A huge shout out to the animal loving folks at UNILAD. When their first version of this video had more than 17 million views, we asked them to create a version for us that would send viewers to take action to end this abuse.


    Episode 17

    Big Cat Rescue is one of 100 small nonprofits who are finalists to win $1,000,000 in an online voting contest sponsored by Chase bank. If we win, funds will be used to support the 100+ cats at the sanctuary, end abuse of big cats in captivity and help save the tiger from extinction in the wild.

  • White Tigers - Cruelty NOT Conservation

    Episode 18

    White Tigers do not exist in the wild, they are purposefully inbred in captivity to meet the demand of the paying public. The kind of severe inbreeding that is required to produce the mutation of a white coat also causes a number of other defects in these big cats.

    The same gene that causes the ...

  • LIONS TIGERS Escape! Ohio....Freedom to die

    Episode 19

    October 18, 2011 Zanesville, OH: 56 lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, wolves, giraffes, camels and bears escaped from the Muskingum County Animal Farm, and the owner Terry Thompson, who had just gotten out of prison was found dead there after shooting himself...