Fascinating Places

Fascinating Places

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This ten-part series of short documentaries explores the world’s most fascinating places. It focuses on breathtaking landscapes, intriguing animal behavior, and impressive encounters with the human inhabitants.

Fascinating Andes

There are few places on earth that are closer to the stars than the high Andes. The enormous mountain range is unique, mysterious and amazing. Almost like a universe apart, on our planet. It’s also home to countless flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and abundant vegetation flourishes here.

Fascinating Madagascar – The Wild West Coast

The West Coast of Madagascar is a remote region and hard to reach overland. The inland is impassable and inhospitable. But there’s an astonishing array of animals living in the thorny brush, where the unique island world has managed to retain much of its wild natural beauty.

Fascinating Madagascar – The Forests of the Northeast

The Northeast of the country is one of the most species-rich regions in the world. Madagascar is also a major trading center for goods of all kinds. The region has retained much of its unspoiled nature, but only through nature conservation projects and respect to nature, can Madagascar’s fascinating natural heritage have a future.

Fascinating Madagascar – The Multifaceted Inland

Madagascar – an island paradise in the Indian Ocean. Home to fun-loving folk and a unique natural landscape. The locals have many origins that developed into various tribes, creating a colorful ethnic mix united by a common language. On the nature side, the bizarre shapes of the baobab trees stand for Madagascar’s uniqueness. This is what makes the island so fascinating.

Fascinating Maasai Mara – On Safari in Kenya’s Nature Paradise

The Maasai Mara - the savannah in the southwest of Kenya is home to hunters and the hunted. The sheer size of the herds of large animals captivates all who visit this nature reserve. The Maasai Mara is one of the most breathtaking animal habitats in the world. It’s where Africa’s animal kingdom can be seen close up – and personal.

Fascinating South America – From Pantanal to the Iguacu Waterfalls

The Pantanal is in the southwest of Brazil. The largest marsh in the world, it’s supplied by countless rivers. It is above all the unique animal life that captivates visitors to this spellbinding wetland area. The Iguacu waterfall is world-famous, as it unleashes its power on the Brazilian-Argentinian border in a dramatic spectacle of nature - the biggest waterfall on earth, creating an unusual habitat for numerous rare flora and fauna. Here nature demonstrates how truly impressive she can be.

Fascinating Patagonia – Untamed Wilderness

Patagonia, at the southernmost tip of the American continent – home to a fascinating animal world. A bleak region shaped by mountains, wind and water. Patagonia seems to be mostly uninhabited – certainly by man, which makes this harsh, wildland at the very end of this continent a paradise for animals.

Fascinating Black Forest

Once the Black Forest lived up to its name: dark, impenetrable. A hideaway for lurking creatures. Today this highland’s natural abundance of riches captivates all comers. The Black Forest has a reputation far and wide for its unique natural landscape and its inhabitants: roe deer, woodpecker, wild cat, field mouse, squirrel, salamander and more.

Fascinating Vosges – Wilderness in the Heart of Europe

The Vosges - home to countless species of wild animals, encompassing mountains, valleys, and wide expanses of forest and fields. Creatures of all kinds make this enchanting area their home.

Fascinating Vosges – In the Valley of the Storks
The Vosges – a natural mountain landscape in the heart of Europe. The emblem of the region is the stork. Thirty years ago, they had disappeared almost entirely. Today, there are 400 resident breeding pairs in the Vosges. The stork is a symbol of good luck and an intact environment – and of course, legend has it, they even bring babies.

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Fascinating Places
  • Fascinating Switzerland - Graubuenden In Winter

    Episode 1

    Graubuenden in Winter – for human visitors, that means fun on the pistes and a lively aprés ski scene. But for animals in nature, the snow, cold, and ice mean a constant struggle for survival. Whether ibex, marmot, or common viper, they all have very different strategies for getting through the i...

  • Fascinating Switzerland - Wild Ticino

    Episode 2

    From the rugged mountains of Ticino’s high Alps to Monte Generoso: the mountainous region of Ticino reveals to visitors an immensely varied natural landscape. From marmots to the rare European longhorn beetle or wild horses – this region is home to them all.

  • Fascinating Winter Wilderness - The Magic Wishing Table

    Episode 3

    The film sets off on a "forage" tour in the winter wilderness of Central Europe. Deer, fox, songbirds, or squirrels - in lively episodes and with state-of-the-art camera technology, the film illustrates that the local animal population has very different strategies for surviving the hardship of w...

  • Fascinating Winter Wilderness - Animal Survival Experts

    Episode 4

    The film embarks on an exciting journey of discovery through the winter wilderness of Central Europe. Wild boar, coot, lynx or dipper – in impressive footage, the film demonstrates that many native animals are real survival artists in winter.

  • Fascinating Orchard: Spring And Summer

    Episode 5

    Characteristic signs of spring in the traditional mixed orchard include the noisy courtship rituals of countless songbirds and the blaze of the color of the fruit trees in full bloom. Whether starling, tit, or nuthatch, the overriding imperative is to search loudly for a partner, find a nest and ...

  • Fascinating Orchard: Autumn And Winter

    Episode 6

    Autumn is harvest time for humans and animals alike in the traditional mixed orchard. Apples and pears are a delicacy not only for humans – bees, hedgehogs and mice enjoy the tasty fare. Squirrels and nuthatches, on the other hand, prefer nuts and there are plenty of them to be found in the orcha...

  • Fascinating Springtime - Time For Awakening

    Episode 7

    Spring is a very busy time in the animal world. It’s time to stock up on energy and, above all, to produce offspring. The film portrays in fascinating images how animals and plants in Central Europe achieve this aim and focuses especially on early springtime.

  • Fascinating Springtime - Season Of New Beginnings

    Episode 8

    Stocking up on energy, growing, and breeding the next generation – these are the major challenges that come with the spring. In fascinating images, the film portrays how animals and plants in Central Europe achieve these aims, with the focus on raising their young – whether bees, waterfowl or wil...

  • Fascinating Canada - Summertime Wilderness

    Episode 9

    For one summer, the film takes the viewer into the untouched wilderness of Hudson Bay. Because, even though the snow and ice melt late in the year in the north, during its brief summer, Hudson Bay offers ideal living conditions for numerous animals and plants.

  • Fascinating Canada - A Summer With Polar Bears At The Hudson Bay

    Episode 10

    Every year, around Hudson Bay in the north of Canada, thousands of polar bears spend the summer on the mainland. Other animals and millions of migratory birds revel in the abundance of the Arctic summer, but for these polar sea hunters, there is no prey for them to hunt. So how do they survive, a...

  • Fascinating Antartica - Days Of Eternal Light

    Episode 11

    The film portrays the surprising diversity of life in the Antarctic summer. From the island of South Georgia via the Antarctic peninsula to the eternal ice of the mainland, the film reveals how, in summer, one of the coldest regions on earth turns into a paradise for animals.

  • Fascinating Switzerland - The Bernese Oberland

    Episode 12

    Pretty alpine meadows with colorful flowers and rugged rocks, framed by icy glaciers - nature in the Bernese Oberland is truly diverse. But the consequences of climate change can be felt everywhere. The film shows the most beautiful but also the most endangered aspects of this region.

  • Fascinating Switzerland - Along The Aare River

    Episode 13

    The Aare is the longest river whose entire course lies within Switzerland. From its source in the rugged mountain terrain of the Bernese Alps all the way to its confluence with the River Rhine, the film portrays the river and its surroundings as a richly varied natural environment.

  • Fascinating Switzerland - Through The Seasons In The Jura Mountains

    Episode 14

    The Jura region in the Swiss Romandy has a surprisingly diverse natural landscape. From idyllic Vallée de Joux in the south to the bitter winters in Switzerland’s coldest place, La Brévine in Canton Neuenburg, the film shows the many different facets of this stunning region.

  • Fascinating Switzerland - High Up In The Jura Mountains

    Episode 15

    In contrast to the tourist hot spots in Switzerland, the multifaceted low mountain range of the Jura is still comparatively unknown. And yet there is so much to discover here: from Ajoie, the fruit orchard of western Switzerland, to the wild river Doubs and the wide Franches-Montagne area – the J...