The story of Freya and Faith – two urban fox cubs who claimed a garden as their playground and got filmmaker and Fox Guardians’ founder Dora Nightingale well and truly foxed.

Fox Guardians is a charitable organization that promotes respect and compassion for foxes. We create educational and entertaining films about foxes to counter balance the unjustified negative press foxes get. We also monitor and support vulnerable urban foxes and have been involved in multiple fox rescues and launched campaigns such as the recent Protect Rustington foxes campaign. Fox Guardians was founded by animal rights advocate and filmmaker Dora Nightingale.

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  • Foxed

    One summer my life changed forever when a little fox cub visited my urban garden whilst I was watering the lawn. I thought this might have been a one-off fascinating close-up encounter, but later the cub returned and this time brought its siblings along, and together they explored, played, and tu...