Great for Kids

Great for Kids

Great for Kids
  • Morning Routine in the Nursery

    Watch the morning routine of milk and baths for the little bonobos in the nursery at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary. Featuring nursery manager Yvonne Vela. #Bonobos #EndangeredSpecies
    Video by Leon Haberkorn, 2019.

    Lola ya Bonobo is the only bonobo sanctuary and bonobo release site in the world. We sa...

  • Bonobos + Trampoline Equals Fun!

    Young #bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in Congo jump and play on a trampoline while their surrogate human mothers watch over them - and join in the fun. Video by Lisa Murray Licensed Music: "Good Morning Africa" by Francesco Biondi/Pantheon Music Lola ya Bonobo is the only bonobo sanctuary an...

  • Hamilton's Journey

    600 kilos of pure friendliness – a sea cow, or manatee, is not exactly a paragon of beauty. However, they are without doubt the friendliest giants that inhabit the crystal waters of Florida’s rivers and shores. They spend most of the daytime eating water plants. Females selflessly care for the yo...

  • Foxed

    One summer my life changed forever when a little fox cub visited my urban garden whilst I was watering the lawn. I thought this might have been a one-off fascinating close-up encounter, but later the cub returned and this time brought its siblings along, and together they explored, played, and tu...

  • Band of Bears

    1 season

    High up in Europe’s north lies the kingdom of the brown bears: hidden in the forests of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, many thousands of bears live to this day. In the middle of winter, when outside, veritable tons of snow blanket their caves, the females give birth to their cubs. For months, the b...

  • Back To Nature

    We are in a secret spot in China: Giant Panda Valley. Here, after many months of preparation, a group of pandas are about to be released into the wild, thanks to Eric Bairao Ruivo. He runs Beauval Nature – a foundation devoted to re-introducing rare or endangered species into the wild around the ...

  • Adopted by Dolphins

    Wild dolphins in the Red Sea tolerate a group of scientists and filmmakers as if they were dolphins and allow to film behavior that has never been watched...

  • A Winters Tale Snowy Owls

    Many animals feel at home in our gardens. Some are very popular with garden owners, others should disappear as fast as possible – above all the mole. Its famous hills, the entrances to its basement apartment complete with sleeping kettle, pantry, and seemingly endlessly long corridors, adorn the ...

  • Down to Earth

    They’ve given up the wonderful art of flying. Or was it an art they never possessed? The brain structure and anatomy of flightless birds indicate that they descended from "flyers" – so, why don’t they fly? Often weighing around 200 kg, over 2 meters tall, and capable of reaching speeds of 70 km /...

  • Unusual World

    1 season

    The dominance of air has always been in the mind of men, but nature only gave the gift of flight to certain animals. Amongst these, to the insects. Thanks to their wings, the insects have conquered most parts of the planet’s diverse environment. What are the reasons for such an amazing biological...

  • Beast & Witches

    1 season

    We've all developed our imagination by reading fables, fairy tales, and stories of our childhood, which have shaped humans’ fears and beliefs for centuries. Through the ages we have been frightened by the screech of the owl, the mysterious nightlife of bats, the hidden universe of snakes and have...

  • Fox Mythbusters

    15 items

    Fox Guardians is a charitable organization that promotes respect and compassion for foxes. We create educational and entertaining films about foxes to counter balance the unjustified negative press foxes get. We also monitor and support vulnerable urban foxes and have been involved in multiple fo...

  • Wildlife Warriors

    1 season

    Every episode of Wildlife Warriors is a genuine authentic journey into the life of a wildlife hero or heroine told from the front line. The species we bring to the screen range from jellyfish to elephants and everything in between. Both the animals and the humans are the focus of these stories ab...

  • Lucky Larry
    Movie + 7 extras

    Lucky Larry

    Movie + 7 extras

    The heart-warming story of the rescue, recovery, and re-wildering, and subsequent release of a tiny fox cub.

  • Moving Giants


    Network for Animals’ elephant translocation documentary, Moving Giants, won Best Wildlife Conservation Film at the 10th annual Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) that took place in 2020.

    Moving Giants is a dramatic and emotional South-African-produced do...