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Science & Climate
  • Missing Meadows: Restoring Florida's Sea Grass

    Florida's Indian River Lagoon is one of the most biodiverse estuaries in North America. But sadly, this ecosystem is experiencing catastrophic effects due to the depletion of its seagrass. The lagoon has lost an estimated 95% of its seagrass in the last 40 years, which provides food for animals l...

  • Deep Green
    Movie + 1 extra

    Deep Green

    Movie + 1 extra

    Travel to 9 countries with Matt Briggs to uncover the best ideas, cutting-edge technologies and restorative solutions to help curb climate change.

    Energy Efficiency

    Most of us don’t think about how much energy we’re using until it’s time to pay the bills. DEEP GREEN helps us understand that re...

  • Blue Whisper

    “Blue Whisper" immerges into the ocean's fascinating underwater world and gets to the bottom of a widely unexplored field of underwater science: the communication amongst fish.

    The documentary accompanies a team of specialists to overwhelmingly beautiful coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks in the Me...

  • The Solar Nation Of Tokelau

    The documentary tells the story of three small remote atolls in the middle of the Pacific that overcame their isolation and dependence on diesel generators to become the first 100% solar-powered nation in the world, proving that it is possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels and emission of gre...

  • Sand Wars


    Sand Wars is a surprising investigation into one of the most consumed natural resources on the planet. Due to the high demand for sand, the planet’s reserves are being threatened. Three-quarters of the world’s beaches are in decline and bound to disappear as victims of erosion, or of sand smuggli...

  • Tidewater
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Water is rising, the land is sinking, and the military is here to stay. In Hampton Roads, Virginia, the U.S. military is fighting to save its highest concentration of bases from sea level rise, attempting to solve one of the greatest challenges to our national security and economic prosperity the...

  • Back To Nature

    We are in a secret spot in China: Giant Panda Valley. Here, after many months of preparation, a group of pandas are about to be released into the wild, thanks to Eric Bairao Ruivo. He runs Beauval Nature – a foundation devoted to re-introducing rare or endangered species into the wild around the ...

  • Written on Water


    Written On Water focuses on the Ogallala Aquifer and examines the conflicts, politics, economics, and groundwater depletion in the High Plains region. Farmers and communities survive on the precious waters of the Aquifer, yet it is being depleted at alarming rates. Since the 1960s, advances in ir...

  • Tracing the Gobi Bear

    For a long time, it had been believed to be a mythical creature, a kind of desert yeti. For decades hardly anyone had ever met a Gobi bear face to face. The extremely shy desert bears are among the world’s rarest animals. Not more than about 30 specimens supposedly have survived in the secluded a...

  • Thin Ice
    Movie + 1 extra

    Thin Ice

    Movie + 1 extra

    In recent years climate science has come under increasing attack, so concerned geologist Simon Lamb grabbed his camera and set out to explore the inside story of climate research. For over three years he followed scientists from a wide range of disciplines at work in the Arctic, Antarctic, Southe...

  • Darkwoods

    The film takes us into the nearly impassable Darkwoods in Canada, with its ecosystems of old-growth valleys and alpine meadows – a wonderful part of British Columbia with unique flora and fauna. Until today, these remote mountain ranges are home to rare mountain caribou, endangered bats, grizzly ...

  • Deep Green Animated Shorts

    Movie + 1 extra

    8 vignettes by Pascal Campion illustrating tips for reducing one’s carbon footprint. 8 mins. CREATOR: Pascal Campion

  • Beak and Brain

    Two birds species have brought attention to scientists all over the world: the Keas in New Zealand and the New Caledonian Crows. Way beyond known bird behaviour, these prodigies of the animal kingdom show very special skills!

    The Keas in New Zealand are the only parrots that live in snowy mount...

  • Atlantic Salmon: Lost at Sea

    An epic journey through the oceanic kingdom of the Atlantic Salmon in an attempt to unravel the mystery of their life at sea. Salmon are plummeting to critical levels. The cause is mortality at sea. For the 1st time, using the latest DNA technology, scientists are tracking the salmon from the riv...

  • Paradise Preserved

    1 season

    The 5-part series “Paradise Preserved” transports us into five fantastically beautiful regions, where unusual concepts of nature conservation are being practiced: with people rather than against them. Instead of banning local residents, companies, or tourists from these species-rich regions of na...