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Back To Nature

Nature, Science & Climate • 54m

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  • Tracing the Gobi Bear

    For a long time, it had been believed to be a mythical creature, a kind of desert yeti. For decades hardly anyone had ever met a Gobi bear face to face. The extremely shy desert bears are among the world’s rarest animals. Not more than about 30 specimens supposedly have survived in the secluded a...

  • Darkwoods

    The film takes us into the nearly impassable Darkwoods in Canada, with its ecosystems of old-growth valleys and alpine meadows – a wonderful part of British Columbia with unique flora and fauna. Until today, these remote mountain ranges are home to rare mountain caribou, endangered bats, grizzly ...

  • Beak and Brain

    Two birds species have brought attention to scientists all over the world: the Keas in New Zealand and the New Caledonian Crows. Way beyond known bird behaviour, these prodigies of the animal kingdom show very special skills!

    The Keas in New Zealand are the only parrots that live in snowy mount...