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Nature & Wildlife • 53m

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  • Chilies to the Rescue

    Protection measures and 20 years of prohibition of the ivory trade are making an impact: Almost all countries in Africa are reporting a rise in elephant numbers. In the past two decades, the population of these grey giants doubled to over 30.000, alone in the Safari-Paradise of Kenya. At the same...

  • Tales from the Underground

    Many animals feel at home in our gardens. Some are very popular with garden owners, others should disappear as fast as possible – above all the mole. Its famous hills, the entrances to its basement apartment complete with sleeping kettle, pantry, and seemingly endlessly long corridors adorn the c...

  • Cuckoo

    It’s no news that cuckoos are brood parasites: they lay their eggs into the nests of other bird species – a clever trick that spares the rearing and feeding of their own offspring. We’ve all heard the story. But why do other parent birds let this happen? Are they too stupid? Too inept? Or simply ...