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Hamilton's Journey

Nature & Wildlife • 52m

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  • Dassie

    They’re small, cute, and rather special – rock hyraxes, also known as dassies (Contains Scenes of Mating). Visitors of the South African coastline marvel at their heart-stopping capers among the rocks, cheerfully ignoring the plunging chasms below. They may look like groundhogs, but their closest...

  • The Voice Of The Danube

    One of Europe’s longest rivers, the Danube originates in the Black Forest and flows through ten countries. In its headwaters, however, the river does not flow freely any longer: it is chopped up into a chain of reservoirs, used for transportation, cooling power plants, and supplying energy – and ...

  • Down to Earth

    They’ve given up the wonderful art of flying. Or was it an art they never possessed? The brain structure and anatomy of flightless birds indicate that they descended from "flyers" – so, why don’t they fly? Often weighing around 200 kg, over 2 meters tall, and capable of reaching speeds of 70 km /...