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Nature & Wildlife • 44m

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  • Hunters of The Skies

    Birds of prey are symbols of power, speed and splendour. In fact, there are very few species in the animal kingdom that can be described in as many superlatives. Their amazing use of different senses, their incredible feats of flight as well as their multitude of different hunting strategies are ...

  • Lemming - The Little Giant of the North

    To this day, we have been fascinated by the story. Every few years, thousands of small rodents gather in the Arctic regions, blindly following a leader to the edge of a cliff where they eventually fall into the sea, ”just as the lemmings do”. Today we know that the notion of lemmings crashing to ...

  • Moksgmol

    A forest that lives off fish, a white bear that is not a polar bear, and wolves that feed off the ocean… Canada’s Great Bear Rain Forest is a strange and pristine world, a land that time almost forgot.

    The awe-inspiring northern coastline of British Columbia with its great fjords that rival thos...