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Network for Animals

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Network for Animals is a non-governmental, international animal welfare organization crusading for animals around the world. We often work in difficult situations where animals need the most help.

We financially support and provide logistical help for animal shelters, animal welfare initiatives and, importantly, raise public awareness about animal issues. Dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and elephants are among the animals who benefit from the work we do with the help of our nearly million supporters, who live all over the world.

We are active in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Mauritius, Montenegro, the Philippines, South Africa, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, Uruguay, the USA, and Zimbabwe, and are constantly expanding our reach.

We are a voice for all people who want to protect the animals that share our world. We receive no government grants and rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue our vital work for animals.

In the UK we are registered as a not-for-profit organization as Network for Animals Limited and registered as a charity with the name Network for Animals Charitable Trust (registered charity number 1142700).

Network for Animals became a registered charity in the United States on July 17, 2014 (as Network for Animals USA, Inc.) It is an IRS- designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID# 47-1431869), donations made to it are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

We focus on providing practical assistance to animals. Our sister organization, Animal Survival International (formerly, the Political Animal Lobby), acts as a voice for animals around the world to raise awareness and take action against the threats that endanger their survival

Our mission is to make the world a better place for animals. With your help, we will succeed.

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Network for Animals
  • Natalie, The Baby Donkey, Is On The Mend!

    Episode 1

    We are pleased to report some good news! Natalie, the baby donkey, is in recovery and doing well. After a bunch of cruel children tied a rope around the tiny helpless foal and dragged her down a gravel road in the Israeli region of Beersheba, it’s a miracle that Natalie has survived. But thanks t...

  • Baby boom good news for Addo elephants!

    Episode 2

    The world is fast losing elephants. Elephant populations throughout Africa are in crisis with numbers plummeting more than 90% in the past century and by a third in the past 20 years alone. Voracious poaching continues, despite a near-total ban on trade in ivory. Tragically, 20,000 elephants are ...

  • Dog covered in matted fur gets rescued

    Episode 3

    Remember the walking mass of hair that you helped us rescue with the help of our partner, Fallen Angels?

    Wookiee, the dreadlocked dog, was found wandering the streets alone in the pouring rain in Cape Town, South Africa. His fur was so overgrown, matted and reeking of filth that at first, no one...

  • You, our sup-PAW-ters, helped to make a dog's day at Friend Animal Foundation!

    Episode 4

    We shared with you the plight of Harare’s Friend Animal Foundation (FAF), the safe haven for neglected and abused animals in the impoverished African country of Zimbabwe.

    The sanctuary – home to almost 500 dogs, as well as many cats, goats, donkeys and other needy animals – was facing imminent ...

  • 12 dogs in desperate need are now receiving life-saving medical treatment!

    Episode 5

    With our partner, TEARS, we arranged for the 12 dogs to be rescued and taken to the clinic, where they were treated for any illnesses or injuries. Thanks to help from our supporters, 12 dogs from Hangberg are now receiving lifesaving care.

    One dog, Bruno, was found cold and abandoned on the stre...

  • Duke finds his forever home

    Episode 6

    Our team found Duke, a greyhound in terrible condition among a pack of hungry and desperate dogs. This sweet-natured boy was frightened and in pain. He was missing an eye, covered in mange, bleeding, and sick. Fortunately, we were able to get Duke the medical treatment he needed to save his life....

  • Good news out of Africa! Pawcasso has survived being baked alive!

    Episode 7

    There’s good news about Pawcasso, the South African street dog left to bake and die in the harsh African sun. Pawcasso had a bad case of mange and had been thrown away with no food or water and left to suffer.

    Pawcasso lived in a slum called Atlantis, where people are poor and very few care abo...

  • Dash The Brutalized Baby Donkey Is REUNITED With His Mother!

    Episode 8

    We’ve just received word from the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS), our partner on the ground in Israel, that they have located Dash’s mother and that the two have been reunited, all thanks to your donations!

    This is the best possible news and the positive update we’ve been hoping for. It means tha...