Paradise Preserved

Paradise Preserved

5 Episodes

The 5-part series “Paradise Preserved” transports us into five fantastically beautiful regions, where unusual concepts of nature conservation are being practiced: with people rather than against them. Instead of banning local residents, companies, or tourists from these species-rich regions of nature, they become part of a new strategy. Through responsible, sustainable use of natural resources, they are helping to preserve these natural paradises — with extraordinary results.

Nature and human beings can not only co-exist but ideally can benefit from each other. This is happening in different ways in the five regions portrayed. In some cases, shepherds, collectors, and farmers are protecting unique ecosystems by returning to old traditions and living and working in harmony with nature. In other cases, scientists, entrepreneurs and foresters are using modern expertise to look for concepts that secure an income for the inhabitants of these regions and at the same time conserve habitats under threat. Exploitation for the sake of protection: that’s how these natural paradises are being made fit for the future.

In the Congolese rainforest, in Norway’s Vega Archipelago, in the Alpine meadows of Switzerland, in the cultivated landscape around Lake Con-stance and in the Ecuadorian cloud forests nature conservation and peo-ple’s lives are being reconciled. The individual episodes are self-contained and document fascinating projects that are dependent on vi-sion, inventiveness and a long-term approach.

Lavishly filmed drone and underwater footage, rare wildlife shots and moving stories make the “Paradise Preserved” series an unforgettable experience - mentally, visually and emotionally.

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Paradise Preserved
  • Paradise Preserved: Lake Constance Germany

    Episode 1

    Lake Constance is one of the biggest and most beautiful inland waters in Central Europe. For thousands of years, the region has been known for its fertile soils. Apples have been harvested on the lake’s shores for 4,000 years. Nowadays, wines from prime locations are celebrated throughout the wor...

  • Paradise Preserved: Congo

    Episode 2

    Something exceptional is happening in the vast rainforests in the north of the Republic of the Congo: loggers are at work. But they’re not destroying the environment; instead, they’re helping to preserve the tropical forests and their biodiversity. This small miracle is occurring because two timb...

  • Paradise Preserved: Switzerland

    Episode 3

    The Swiss Alps are one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world, displaying an enormous diversity of animal and plant species. Along with chamois and marmots, rare plants like edelweiss and gentian are native here. In summer, the mountain pastures are transformed into a colorful sea of flo...

  • Paradise Preserved: Ecuador

    Episode 4

    The cloud forests in the Andes of Ecuador are among the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. Hundreds of tree species grow here, hosts to flamboyant bromeliads and orchids. The wildlife here is equally unique. Whether birds, large beasts of prey, frogs, or insects: the diversity of shapes and co...

  • Paradise Preserved: Norway

    Episode 5

    In the Vega Archipelago, way up in the north of Norway at the Arctic Circle, nature is austere. For centuries, the people here lived from fishing and farming. And from a unique partnership, they formed with wild eider ducks.

    The more than 6,000 islands of the Vega Archipelago are the realm of t...