The Borderless Sky

The Borderless Sky

4 Episodes

This is the story of a handful of dreamers, daredevils, and scientists on a vital mission to capture the night sky in all its magnificence. Armed with hi-tech cameras, telescopes and camping gear, these intrepid astrophotographers travel to the ends of the earth, braving the elements, extreme climates, and dangers both natural and man-made. Their goal? To help us rediscover the magic and mythologies of the heavens above – the one roof that shelters us all: The Borderless Sky. Led by this group of visionaries, our viewers will experience the stars as they have never seen them before, discovering that the night sky is anything but dark and dull.

The episodes include:
- The Aboriginal Sky of Australia
- In Search of the Aurora Borealis in Canada
- Glancing at the Universe in Chile
- Hunting the Solar Eclipse in Indonesia
- Into the Darkest Night in Scandinavia

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The Borderless Sky
  • The Borderless Sky: Australia

    Episode 1

    In this episode, photographers John Goldsmith and Scott Murray head deep into the Western Australian Outback – with starlit nights and epic landscapes. They unravel the Aborigines’ connection with the stars and want to witness a meteor shower at Wolfe Creek Crater.

  • The Borderless Sky: Canada

    Episode 2

    In this episode, photographer Yuichi Takasaka is trying to fulfill his childhood dream and witness the aurora borealis over the Arctic Ocean. We follow him from the city of Vancouver through the wintry landscape of the Yukon to the coastal town of Tuktuyaktuk, where the Northern lights dance over...

  • The Borderless Sky: China

    Episode 3

    This episode follows Babak Tafreshi to dizzying altitudes, to explore the fascinating sky of the planet’s southern hemisphere. On his search for an absolutely unpolluted night sky, he travels to the world-famous ALMA observatory and hikes the valleys of Chile – tracing back an ancient connection ...

  • The Borderless Sky: Norway

    Episode 5

    This episode follows Bernd Pröschold, as he is bound for Scandinavia, in search of Europe’s darkest night sky. Most people in Europe and the USA have never seen the Milky Way due to the light pollution of our civilization. Bernd is eager to show, what the night sky has to offer in the absence of ...