Unusual World

Unusual World

3 Episodes

The dominance of air has always been in the mind of men, but nature only gave the gift of flight to certain animals. Amongst these, to the insects. Thanks to their wings, the insects have conquered most parts of the planet’s diverse environment. What are the reasons for such an amazing biological success without comparison in the history of the animal world? The unpredictable morphology of the insects – some are authentic machines of war, others have fragile bodies provided with the fine and prodigious wings – their infinite colors, their gowns and behaviors constitute a fascinating world that we want to present on the hand of HD technology before some of these marvels of nature disappear forever. Conscious that the biodiversity of planet Earth is our great wealth, we will show for your knowledge and delight a small great world of fascinating creatures that must be taken into account and respected at the moment of choosing the course of progress, in harmony with our environment.

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Unusual World
  • A Look Stalks You

    Episode 1

    The danger of being devoured has existed since the beginning of Time and is part of the life of insects. Therefore Nature has endowed these beings with defence mechanisms, developed over millions of years, which make them less vulnerable and in which ingenuity is more important than force. These ...

  • Three Lives in One

    Episode 2

    Only these small creatures enjoy one of Nature’s most fascinating inventions: metamorphosis. No other animal on Earth can hope to live three lives in one: larva, pupa or chrysalis, and adult. Reproduction, the main purpose of all living beings, acquires in the insects’ universe a set of amazing c...

  • Prodigious Designs

    Episode 3

    The countless forms and colors that can be adopted by the different species of insect that inhabit the world show us that, far from being a caprice of Nature, they are the result of a long process. The success of these creatures began after the first forms of life made the leap from the sea to th...