Wildlife Warriors

Wildlife Warriors

14 Episodes

Every episode of Wildlife Warriors is a genuine authentic journey into the life of a wildlife hero or heroine told from the front line. The species we bring to the screen range from jellyfish to elephants and everything in between. Both the animals and the humans are the focus of these stories about unexpected heroes who are saving our wildlife and wilderness. The animals are heroes too – they give meaning to our lives.

Each episode is 26 minutes and is told in three eight-minute parts with a call to action at the end. We fall in love with the hero through his or her personal story of discovering his passion for wildlife, overcoming adversity, and what the day in the life of our hero is like. We also explore what makes this animal special. We go on dramatic chases through the bush, dive in the ocean, and fly in the skies. We visit locations across the length and breadth of Kenya in diverse habitats and landscapes. Our heroes represent the diversity of our cultures, backgrounds, and economic strata. The stories are fast-paced because saving wildlife is a race against time. All our wildlife heroes are powerful, confident role models for young people anywhere – they are intended to inspire everyone to consider embarking on a life of conservation. The following photographs give a sense of Kenya’s vast wilderness, spectacular mountains, sunsets, and oceans. We get close and personal with each species and we get a taste of the daily lives of our heroes. The following photographs were taken during recces and actual shoots.

To learn more about the creator of Wildlife Warriors, Dr. Paula Kumbuhu, visit the EarthStream website at www.EarthStream.app/Paula-Kahumbu

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Wildlife Warriors
  • Sneak peek into the making of Wildlife Warriors

  • Watamu Turtles

    Episode 1

    This is an amazing story of a young conservationist who studied accounting and got interested in turtles. He started volunteering at Local Ocean Conservation and is now fully working for the organization. Fikiri and his team have saved a lot of turtles from fishermen's nets and conduct patrols ar...

  • Laikipia Wild Dogs

    Episode 2

    This episode is featuring an amazing young Kenyan man who has gone to greater heights to see the survival of wild dogs in Laikipia. Initially, there was only one female wild dog left in the whole of Laikipia after a deadly flash of Rabies killed all the wild dogs. Dedan started this project by co...

  • Amboseli Elephants

    Episode 3

    This story features two exceptional African women who are studying the world’s largest land mammal, the African Elephant; Norah Njiraini, and Katito Saiyalel from Amboseli Trust for Elephants. They know each elephant in Amboseli by name, age, their families, and related groups. We also learn how ...

  • Vulturine Guinea Fowls

    A 21-year-old Brendah has chosen a career in animal behavioral science. She records the Vulturine Guinea Fowls interactions, follows their movements, and goes in the wild at night to download data from the recorded guinea fowls. Her story is spectacular as it is not usual to find young people her...

  • Lewa Rhinos

    This story features Ian Lemaiyan who drives around the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on his motorbike looking for rhinos. He is an active person as he is at the forefront of studying and saving rhinos. Through his learning process, Ian has also become a pilot. This episode delves into the world of th...

  • Saving Snakes in Watamu

    Episode 5

    This story is about a hero who started saving and collecting wild snakes from a young age in his community, which got him noticed and introduced to Bioken Snake Farm – where he now milks venom for the production of anti-venom, responds to emergencies, and trains people in the local communities on...

  • Grevy's Zebra in Kenya

    Episode 7

    The zebra is one of Africa's most iconic species - but did you know that the Grevy's Zebra is unique to Kenya and Ethiopia? It’s the most endangered zebra species on earth with 90% of the world's population found in just Laikipia and Samburu. This film features a great story of Rosemary who was a...

  • Colobus Monkeys

    Episode 8

    In Diani, the hero of this story builds bridges for monkeys to cross safely as speeding vehicles were a cause of a lot of monkey deaths each year. It is a simple innovation that is saving the lives of colobus monkeys and a host of other species. The story also highlights the destruction of the fo...

  • Samburu Lions

    Episode 9

    Kenya had 15000 lions. Today, the lion population has declined to fewer than 2000 individuals. Jeneria’s story is amazingly spectacular as he transforms the local communities’ perspective of lions. He works with Samburu warriors at Ewaso Lions to fight to save the lions. He has also introduced li...

  • Reteti Baby Elephants

    Episode 10

    This is one of a kind story as Dorothy is like a “mom” to the rescued baby elephants. When they see her, they run towards her demanding attention from her. She is an amazing young woman leading a group of men and women to feed and nature these rescued baby elephants.

  • Laikipia Leopards

    Ambrose Letoluai is a researcher documenting the behavior of leopards and finding ways they can coexist with communities. This story features the amazing persistent young man, who is the only Kenyan studying Leopards. He has documented nearly thirty different leopards using his camera traps. He r...

  • The Maasai Mara

    Episode 12

    Masai Mara is one of the main tourist destinations keeping many people employed in a variety of jobs. Lucy Rotiken is a role model for many women who aspire to work in the tour guiding field.

  • Watamu Whales

    Episode 13

    This is an amazing story of a young Kenyan who trained in IT and decided to bunk it by volunteering at a Whale watching project. The hero through his knowledge of technology has created a citizen science program to study whales and other marine mammals and keep them safe.