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  • Samburu Lions

    Kenya had 15000 lions. Today, the lion population has declined to fewer than 2000 individuals. Jeneria’s story is amazingly spectacular as he transforms the local communities’ perspective of lions. He works with Samburu warriors at Ewaso Lions to fight to save the lions. He has also introduced li...

  • Reteti Baby Elephants

    This is one of a kind story as Dorothy is like a “mom” to the rescued baby elephants. When they see her, they run towards her demanding attention from her. She is an amazing young woman leading a group of men and women to feed and nature these rescued baby elephants.

  • Laikipia Leopards

    Ambrose Letoluai is a researcher documenting the behavior of leopards and finding ways they can coexist with communities. This story features the amazing persistent young man, who is the only Kenyan studying Leopards. He has documented nearly thirty different leopards using his camera traps. He r...